Osceola Business Association Scholarship

Student must reside within an area bordered by McKinley Hwy. (U.S. 20) on the north, County Line (Ash) Road on the east, Capital/Elm on the west and Fern Road on the south.

Student has participated in community activities, volunteer organization, or other work that enhances the school and community.

Student has maintained a high school grade point average of not lower than 3.0 (B).

Student has been accepted and will attend  full time at a two year or four year college, or a vocational/technical school.

Student has attended either Penn High School or Marion High School.  School for at least two years.

 $1000 for the first year.  ($500 for each semester). Students may re-apply for scholarship in subsequent years of undergraduate attendance.

 Complete the standard guidance office application, along with a 100 word qualification essay for the aforementioned scholarship.  Application must be submitted to your High School Guidance Office  by April 21st.  The award will be presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony.

 Call Randy Leliaert at 674-0015 or 679-4167