Osceola Business Association

About "Our Bluegrass" Festival




One of a kind!

The Osceola Bluegrass Festival is sponsored by the Osceola Business Association.  Typically attracting 10,000 visitors, it is Osceola’s biggest annual event.  And it is Free!  The admission is free.  The entertainment is free.  The parking is free.  The OCBA depends on vendor fees and promotional advertisers to attract great entertainment and pay expenses.  Any remaining funds are used to award scholarships to local High School Graduates and support other community events:  The Memorial Day Parade and The Christmas Tree-Lighting Ceremony.  The three-day Osceola Bluegrass Festival starts on the third Friday of August every year.  Planning for the festival occurs year ‘round.  The Osceola Business Association depends on members and volunteers from our 2000+ Osceola citizens to help set up, take down, and plan festival activities and entertainment.  We are thankful to our ‘regulars’ and are always hopeful for new help. 


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